Genuine HARRIS Bipods Fixed / Tilt - Genuine HARRIS Bipods Fixed / Tilt

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Genuine HARRIS Bipods Fixed / Tilt

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Genuine HARRIS Bipods Fixed / Tilt

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Genuine (Made In The USA) Harris Bipod

Harris Ultralight Bipods are the original and best bipods available, manufactured in Barlow, Kentucky USA to the highest standards using heat treated and hardened alloys for lightness and strength.

Two series and 13 models to choose from:

  • Series 1A2 - Solid fixed base.
  • Series S - Hinged (swivel) base - rotates to either side for instant leveling on uneven ground.
  • Notched Legs - Notches on the height adjustment for pre set heights.
  • Non Notched Legs - Adjustable height with no pre set heights.

Harris Bipods fit on to a standard QD swivel stud (not supplied), please contact for advice before ordering if you're unsure if the bipod will suit.