BSA 10 Shot Airgun Magazine .177 or .22 - BSA 10 Shot Airgun Magazine .177 or .22

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BSA 10 Shot Airgun Magazine .177 or .22

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BSA 10 Shot Airgun Magazine .177 or .22

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Latest Model Genuine BSA 10 Shot Magazine - 6th Generation

Introducing BSA’s 6th Generation of Multi Shot magazine. As a result of significant investment in tooling and processes, the 6th generation magazine uses high grade engineering synthetic materials, reinforced with high strength glass filament for added robustness. With the use of PTFE during the BSA forming process, the new magazine rota is dry lubricating for smoother, quieter and more efficient cycling between shots, and for the first time BSA introduce the ‘Last Shot’ indicator, giving the shooter even more feedback.

This magazine is designed to suit all modern BSA & Gamo 10 shot air rifles.

Q: Will it suit my BSA / Gamo?
A: This magazine will suit all BSA / Gamo 10 shot rifles with the exception of the BSA Goldstar SPRING powered underlever air rifle and the BSA Super 10 PCP air rifle.

Q: Do you have a magazine to suit the Goldstar Spring Air rifle or the Super 10?
A: Sorry no, these magazines won't suit - please don't order.

Q: Will this convert a single shot rifle to 10 shot?
A: No.

BSA Part No. 16-7805 (.177) & 16-7806 (.22)

Will only fit 10 shot BSA / Gamo AIR RIFLES (not pistols), this magazine won't convert a single shot airgun in to a multishot!
No use in the BSA Goldstar spring air rifle or the BSA Super 10 PCP.