BSA 10 Shot Airgun Magazine .177 or .22 - BSA 10 Shot Airgun Magazine .177 or .22

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BSA 10 Shot Airgun Magazine .177 or .22

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BSA 10 Shot Airgun Magazine .177 or .22

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Genuine BSA 10 Shot Magazine

This magazine is designed to suit all modern BSA & Gamo 10 shot air rifles.

Q: Will it suit my BSA / Gamo?
A: This magazine will suit all BSA / Gamo 10 shot rifles with the exception of the BSA Goldstar SPRING powered underlever air rifle and the BSA Super 10 PCP air rifle.

Q: Do you have a magazine to suit the Goldstar Spring Air rifle or the Super 10?
A: Sorry no, these magazines won't suit - please don't order.

Q: Will this convert a single shot rifle to 10 shot?
A: No.

BSA Part No. 16-7805 (.177) & 16-7806 (.22)

Will only fit 10 shot BSA / Gamo AIR RIFLES (not pistols), this magazine won't convert a single shot airgun in to a multishot!
No use in the BSA Goldstar spring air rifle or the BSA Super 10 PCP.